Out Hunger was created to empower you to actively end hunger that exists in your community, city, state and nation. The need for food is one of our base needs (and is something I’ve personally grown pretty fond of and expect on a regular basis). Unfortunately, not everyone knows when they’ll eat next. That’s called food insecurity. It’s a big problem, but a fixable one if we all work together.

That’s where you come in. Your participation and fundraising through Out Hunger events raises money and awareness to provide people reliable access to food – thus ending food insecurity. When a family is constantly searching for food, it goes deeper than just hunger. Work is harder to find, education becomes secondary and stress runs high creating a more difficult home life.

The events of Out Hunger are charity events that raise money for ending hunger and include BikeOut Hunger, Run Out Hunger and Tri Out Hunger. There is a fourth component called Fill in the Blank that allows anyone to create an Out Hunger event, any type of other event and use this site for registration and fundraising. We’ll even give you a URL specific to your event. If you love kayaking or hiking, set up a Kayak Out Hunger or Hike Out Hunger. It’s your event and it’s your strength that makes it work.

Bike Out Hunger held it’s first event in April 2010 with a six-day, 425-mile ride in Texas and welcomed 45 riders. Since then, requests for other and more frequent events has been astounding, so we expanded into single-day rides, runs and even triathlons. Since we broadened our event scope, “Bike” no longer encompassed all that we do, so we dropped that word from our name.

Out Hunger is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to help you and other organizations work together to end hunger.

Email us: info[at]outhunger.org
Mail us: 725 N Main St. #2040 Mansfield, TX 76063